Absence Reporting Instructions

To report an absence for your student at Lincoln Elementary School:


  • Call the attendance line - 309-284-4000  and/or Email Jen Bakirdan, Attendance Secretary, @ [email protected] .


  • Please provide the following information:
    • Student Name
    • Student Grade/Teacher
    • Reason for Absence
    • Your name and relationship to the student
    • Your contact number
    • If you plan to pick up homework after 2:45 p.m. or send it home with a sibling


  • If you are going to be using our Limited Excuse form for an extended(planned) absence, you can either print the form here and send it to the office OR fill in the information and email it to the office 5 days prior to the absence to Jen Bakirdan, Attendance Secretary @ [email protected] .