ChorusShane Rocke

The Morton Elementary Chorus is a collection of students from all district grade schools. We learn basic singing technique, posture, proper vowel shapes and breathing techniques, as well as how to blend the sound of many voices and parts into one unified sound.  We participate in every Morton Junior High Choir concert, as well as the Dunlap music festival, Arts in the Park in downtown Peoria, and other singing engagements as they arise. We have a great time preparing and performing our pieces for any and all who are interested in coming out to see us. Hope to see you at a concert!

Mr. Rocke earned his Bachelor's in Music education with an emphasis in Vocal music from Greenville College. He began teaching in Morton in 2004.  He is currently taking classes toward a masters of music education at Illinois State University. Along with teaching the elementary music students (1st - 6th) at Lincoln, he also directs the Morton Elementary Chorus.

When not at school Mr. Rocke resides in Eureka with his wife, Meg, and children, Gabe, Eli and Cadence.