Computer Lab & Technology

We live in a technologically advanced world.  Computers and other media have found a place in nearly every part of life. The Lincoln computer lab is dedicated to helping students receive an introduction to this technology and provide them with the basic technology skills needed to succeed in their education.


While in the computer lab, students are introduced to the basic components of the computer system, as well as, basic computer technology appropriate for individual grade levels. Students are expected to handle the computer equipment with care and are taught proper hand and body positioning while using the computer.


Special precautions are taken by the district and school to ensure children are protected when using the Internet.

Teachers are continually integrating technology in the classroom. Beginning in second grade, students are introduced to keyboarding (some call it typing) in the computer lab. They continue to improve their keyboarding skills through sixth grade. These skills are applied to various class projects. With the use of word processing, spreadsheets, publishing software and the Internet, all Lincoln students use the computer year-round!


Lincoln students are also provided opportunities to use software programs that are fun and educational. Many enjoy creating drawings on the picture-making program. Contact Mrs. Mylott at Lincoln if you wish to know a full list of the software titles used at the school.


The district technology staff has developed a great website for Lincoln that is full of useful, fun and informative links. Teachers and students use the district site often in the classroom and lab.


We are looking forward to a successful year of learning!


Mrs. Wright

[email protected]