Primary, Middle & Intermediate Instructional Prog.

Morton Unit School District 709 provides a Primary MIddle & Intermediate Instructional Program for students in grade K-6 housed at Lincoln Elementary School. 

The Instructional Program is a full day program for students identified with disabilities whose needs can most appropriately be met with the additional support provided by the Instructional Program teachers and staff.  Students qualify for this program based on their individual learning needs as well as a team decision at the IEP table. 

The program provides academic instruction, functional life skills instruction as well as in-class general education support for students who participate with general education peers. 


Mrs. Callahan


Classroom Support in PIP

Mrs. Bair

Mrs. Gashaw



Mrs. Levitt


Classroom Support in PIP

Mrs. Cushman

Mrs. Hillrich

Mrs. Knapp

Ms. Slocum

Mrs. Webb



Mrs. Rickenberg


Classroom Support in PIP

Mrs. Backhaus

Mrs. Beyer

Mrs. Dyche

Mrs. Mattson

Mrs. Stieglitz