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My ClassKindergarten

Morton's Philosophy of Kindergarten:

The kindergarten program is directed to the needs of the individual child.  Through an effective and enjoyable kindergarten program, learning experiences are provided that help children form a positive attitude about themselves, their school, and their community. Instruction is designed to stimulate thinking, reasoning, and to provide opportunities for decision-making.  The experiences provided should lead the child in acquiring habits and basic skills as a preparation for the succeeding years. 


Kindergarten Goals:

 To gain an understanding of individual children and their academic needs and to develop a close working relationship with the home to provide the child with the best opportunity for growth and development

  • To provide activities and experiences, which promote the development of perceptual skills for reading and math readiness
  • To provide activities to develop motor skills and promote physical development
  • To help each child develop a positive self-concept and self-discipline
  • To provide intellectual challenges to meet the needs of each child in accordance with his/her skills and interests
  • To develop positive attitudes for good citizenship for the home, school, and community
  • To provide a healthy, interesting school environment so that school experiences are enjoyable and beneficial
  •  To provide a literature rich environment in which children learn that "speaking, reading, and writing" are real ways to communicate

 Morton Unit School District currently offers a half-day kindergarten program.  The morning session meets from 8:25 - 11:00 and the afternoon session meets from 12:00 - 2:30.  During this time, kindergarteners are engaged in a variety of activities to further their development in academic, social, and emotional areas.  Students experience a variety of literacy and math activities on a daily basis.  The class begins the day together on the carpet for calendar activities, a weather report, counting the days in school, songs, poems, music, letter review, and a story.  After carpet time, math, reading, and writing lessons are taught.  This can be done in large or small group settings or during center time.  Weekly, students are engaged in art, P.E., music, library, and computer lab time.  Each student also has the opportunity to visit the reading teacher in a small group setting.  During these sessions, students make and read a book, focusing on the concepts of print. Additionally, throughout the year science and social studies units are taught. 

Parent's Responsibilities

 Your child's success depends on a strong home-school partnership!  You can help your child by:

  • Attending Meet the Teacher, Open House, and other school functions
  • Contacting your child's teacher with questions or concerns
  • Reading and reviewing the results of school assessments with your child
  • Knowing the objectives for which your child is responsible
  • Making sure your child attends school regularly
  • Limiting vacations to when school is not in session
  • Being sure your child gets plenty of sleep and a good breakfast everyday

The current cutoff for kindergarten registration is September 1.  If your child's fifth birthday falls on or before this date, you are ready to consider sending your child to kindergarten.  Before the final decision is made, consider the following checklist, as well as your child's level of maturity:

Your child...

  • Is read to everyday
  • Experiences playing with small groups of children
  • Accepts authority from an adult other than a parent
  • Follows simple directions
  • Is able to sit for a 10-minute story
  • Participates in group activities such as the library's "Read to Me" program, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Park District programs, etc...
  • Names common objects
  • Describes pictures and can retell a story
  • Is familiar with position words (up, down, over, under, beside, behind, forward, back, etc...)
  • Tries to recite nursery rhymes
  • Dresses him/herself (buttons, zips, snaps)
  • Rides a tricycle
  • Has had some experience with scissors
  • Has had some experience with pencils and crayons
  • Has had some experience hopping, jumping, galloping, and bouncing a ball
  • Sees likenesses and differences
  • Can say his/her first and last name
  • Recognizes his/her first name in print
  • Makes an attempt to print his/her first name
  • Can say his/her phone number, address, and birth date
  • Can count to ten
  • Can recognize four basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle, and triangle)
  • Can recognize eight basic colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black)
  • Retells a story he/she has heard
  • Draws a picture about a story after listening to it
  • Uses appropriate personal hygiene


Mrs. Hoelscher 

E-mail:  [email protected]

Phone:  309-266-6989

Mrs. Hoelscher began teaching at Lincoln in 2008.    She graduated from Monmouth College with her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, along with endorsements in language arts and middle school.   She and her husband Chad live in Peoria with their two boys.  She coached volleyball for 2 years at MJHS and has taught summer school.  In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Mission for the Class

Mrs. Hoelscher’s mission for her class is to provide a safe and encouraging environment where students can explore all aspects of learning.  She hopes to motivate children by creating a classroom family where music and hands-on activities foster communication, literacy and a love of learning. 

Mrs. Snyder

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone:  309-266-6989

About the teacher:

I live in Morton with my wonderful husband Aaron and our two children Elijah(8th grade) and Gideon(5th grade). I grew up in the Morton area and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in elementary education from Illinois State University in 1997. I moved to Southern California and taught 1st grade and 2nd grade for 3 years before deciding to return to Central Illinois to be closer to family. I chose to stay home with my children when they were born, but when my youngest started 1st grade I started subbing here in Morton, mostly at Lincoln. I am thrilled and honored to “start over” here at Lincoln as a kindergarten teacher.

Mission for the Class

I believe that every child needs to feel loved, cared for, and safe before they are able to learn to their fullest abilities. My intention is to create this environment for each of your children. I am firm, but gentle and set high expectations for each student. I believe a partnership between home and school is the only way for ultimate success and I will do everything I can to achieve that!



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Mrs. Michelle Peterson, Assistant Principal



Mrs. Sueann Spinder, Secretary




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